Services to foreign students

RostSMU foreign students representative will provide to students following documents according to the rules & regulations of the university:

  1. Admission letter from the Rostov State Medical University.
  2. Copy of student’s invitation letter
  3. Visa fee (Paid to Embassy of Russian Federation).
  4. Transportation from Moscow airport to Rostov-on-Don.
  5. Meal on arrival.
  6. A five-minute telephone call to parents on arrival.

Services Provided by RSMU foreign students representative: 

  1. All relevant information regarding application procedure and admission procedure.
  2. Application form for admission to Rostov State Medical University.
  3. To receive fulfilled application form and required documents and select candidates on basis of them (the terms and conditions of admission are dictated by the Rostov State Medical University).
  4. To enroll a selected candidate in the Rostov State Medical University.
  5. To provide an admission letter from the Rostov State Medical University.
  6. To receive from the Rostov State Medical University invitation letter for student’s entry visa to Russia.
  7. Help in fulfilling the requirements for applying for a visa.
  8. Help in acquiring Russian entry visa for students.
  9. To guide the candidates in obtaining foreign currency.
  10. To provide the candidate with a list of required items needed for their stay in Russia.
  11. To guide the candidates in obtaining emigration clearance.
  12. To provide information explaining what to do at airports.
  13. Explain to the candidate the main demands of Russian laws, rules for the students of higher educational institutions, rules of residence and traveling along the territory of Russia.
  14. To have an official representative at the Moscow airport to advice candidates from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don.

On the first arrival of the candidates to Moscow:

  1. To receive the candidate at the Moscow Airport.
  2. To provide transport from the airport to the Rostov State Medical University.
  3. To provide the meal on arrival.
  4. To provide furnished accommodation in the hostel.
  5. To provide a five-minute telephone call to parents.
  6. To provide registration in the local department of external affairs.
  7. To arrange health care of a student and to organize medical insurance for students for the whole period of their stay in Russia, the cost of which will be borne by the student.

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