A little about Russia

A little about Russia                                                                                                           (Rostov State Medical University)

Russia is the largest country in the world and is situated on the two continents of the world: Europe and Asia. There are all climatic zones except tropical ones. Russian Federation has a large population. They speak different languages, but Russian is the most spoken one. There are 53 medical academies, universities, and institutions. All of them are recognized by the World Health Organization and the Medical Councils of foreign countries.Medical study in Russia

Medical Doctor is the most respectable career in the world. Indians, who graduated from Russian Medical Institutions, are working in India in Government jobs and in good private hospitals. A lot of foreign students, who graduated from Russian Medical Institutions, are working in foreign countries like the USA, Canada, England, etc.

Medical science about Russia

Russia is a land of great scientific achievements in medicine. There is a lot of prominent and distinguished Russian physicians, founders of new schools, and scientific trends.

Russian medical science has contributed much to the world of medicine of the XIX century. It’s due to a constellation of scientists both in theoretical and practical fields of medicine: physiologists I.M. Sechenov and I.R Pavlov, microbiologists I.I. Mechnikov, physicians S.R Botkin and G.A. Zakharjin, surgeons N.I. Pirogov and N.V. Sklifosovsky, ophthalmologist V.R Filatov. The names of our contemporaries such as pathologists I.V. Davidovsky, ophthalmologist S.N. Fedorov, orthopedist G.A. Ilizarov, neurosurgeon N.N. Burdenko is well known all over the world.

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Rostov State Medical University


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